Residential Power Washing for Homes in Miami, FL

Our promise to you:

"Whether we come to power wash your house, your roof, acrylic seal your driveway or marble patio or waterproof your wood deck, we will treat the exterior of your home with care, respect and the attention to detail that you deserve while giving you the finest quality workmanship that you expect.
That's my promise to you."
Harry, Owner, U.P.C.
  • Ultra Pressure Cleaning specializes in pressure cleaning and
    waterproofing for your Miami home.
  • We also use chemical and hot water techniques for a variety
    home exterior surfaces and hard-to-remove stains.

Our Residential Home Services:

At Ultra Pressure Cleaning, we understand importance of keeping the exterior of your home looking spotless. Since we began providing pressure washing services, we have removed dirt stains, mold, algae and other bacteria from the exteriors of hundreds of homes in Miami-Dade County. Let your house be our next project, you’ll be amazed when your home looks just like new!

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  • Pressure cleaning of roofs; tile, shingle or metal
  • Paint preparation
  • Mold removal, algae and tree sap stain removal
  • Removal and chemical treatment for hard water and rust staining
  • Driveways, sidewalks, pool patios, balconies and terraces, natural stone, i.e.; keystone, coral, flagging, marble, also Chicago brick, pavers and concrete
  • Oil stain lightening and removal for pavers and driveways
  • Power washing tennis courts and basketball courts
  • Pressure cleaning of garage floors, perimeter and privacy walls
  • Wood decks, fences, boat docks
  • Teak, Ipe', and Kumaru wood cleaning, oiling and sealing
  • Screened pool enclosures
  • Hurricane shutter prep and cleaning
  • Power washing of walls, eaves, soffits and flashing as well as windows, screens and doors
  • Gutter cleaning, interior and exterior, down spout flushing
  • Asphalt driveway prep for re-blacktopping
  • Pressure washing of windows, screens and doors
  • Pressure cleaning of patio furniture and treatment for mold staining
  • Power washing and sanitizing of children's play sets and jungle gyms
  • Pressure cleaning you boat, jet ski, RV and motor homes
  • Bug and insect cocoon, cobweb, stain and debris removal
  • Herbicide/weed killer/roundup spraying available (and recommended) before brick, paved surfaces are pressure washed

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