Commercial Parking Garage & Parking Structure Pressure Cleaning

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"Your parking garage is a vital structure that gets used by hundreds and even thousands of your clients, tenants, employees – important people- everyday. Don't settle for what I've seen happen so many times before. What initially looks like a bargain gets you only half the job you expected. Is the price you pay worth the 50% result you'll get?"
Harry, Owner, U.P.C.

Parking Garage Pressure Cleaning Tips:

Parking Garage Pressure Cleaning

If you own a parking garage in Miami, do you want to really get those oil and gum stains out? Do you want to get rid of the bug debris, cobwebs and that sour smell that's in the stairwells? Do you want to stop hearing the complaints about your garage users tracking in oil and gunk on their shoes from their walk through the garage?

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Ultra Pressure Cleaning prides ourselves on our commercial garage cleaning services and we’re not afraid to tackle the tough jobs. Contact us if you wish to learn more about pressure cleaning your garage surfaces.

This is what it takes to get a six-floor, 250,000 square foot parking garage clean in a timely and quality manner (statistics from our 2010 cleaning of one of the Baptist Hospital Kendall location's parking garages).

  • 200 gallons of commercial grade concentrated degreaser
  • 3-4, 10gpm, 3,500 psi machines with 500 gal reserve water tanks
  • "Turbo-blast" attachments for the thousands of gum spots
  • 3-4, 30 inch stainless steel rotary surface cleaners
  • Materials to cover / mask electrical elements (i.e.; cameras, fire alarms, lighting, door sensors) in garage to prevent water damage
  • 75 gallons of sanitizing / mold preventive solution
  • 30 gallons of rust and hard water stain dissolving chemical
  • 30 foot swing stage and hanging boson's chair (option for cleaning mold off of exterior wall surfaces)
  • Dozens of "caution when wet" signs, cones and hundreds of feet of caution tape and other safety items

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