Electrostatic Spraying & COVID Disinfection: How It Works

January 4, 2021 at 3:29 pm by

Electrostatic Disinfection for Coronavirus

Having the ability to disinfect large indoor spaces during the coronavirus era is becoming increasingly necessary for public safety. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has started to produce guidelines for the utilization of electrostatic spraying for coronavirus disinfection. Our team at Ultra Pressure Cleaning has now incorporated electrostatic spray technology into our services to effectively kill germs at your home or business.

How Does Electrostatic Disinfection Work?

Electrostatic sprayers utilize disinfectant liquid and charge the disinfectant as it is being sprayed out onto a surface. This charges the droplets, which then repel one another and seek out surfaces. Once the droplets have attached to a surface, they stick to it and can wrap around the surface to coat all sides. Electrostatic sprayers help eliminate human error with conventional methods of cleaning, as with normal sprays and wipes, surfaces may be missed. With this technology, the particles are actively attracted to most surfaces. This allows the disinfectant to fight bacteria and viruses.

Electrostatic sprayers function in two ways. The sprayers may either be set to produce negatively charged particles or positively charged particles. For reference, the earth’s surface is negatively charged. This attracts positive particles, which is why most sprayers are set to produce positive particles. Regardless of how the sprayer is programmed, this method of cleaning is more effective than traditional methods of disinfection. 

The technology incorporates disinfectants already used by our team to disinfect areas that may be contaminated with coronavirus. Ultra Pressure Cleaning utilizes sodium hypochlorite solution concentrate and dilutes it to the appropriate strength for each client’s needs. The CDC put out information about disinfectants that are effective against coronavirus when properly diluted.

Where Can Electrostatic Spray Technology be Used?

Any surface or area that needs disinfection can benefit from electrostatic spray technology. What makes electrostatic disinfection technology so efficient is the charged particles’ ability to attract and bind to surfaces within larger areas. The main areas that benefit most, especially during coronavirus, are schools, public restrooms, offices, restaurants, stores, and homes. Beyond coronavirus, this technology is still groundbreaking for bacteria and virus disinfection efficiency. With this technology, our team can help you sanitize your business and home. While ultra pressure cleaning historically helped you clean and maintain your outside areas, now we can help you fully disinfect any possibly affected area.

Features & Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfection Spray Technology

This new cleaning technology allows for a more efficient disinfection and can help you keep your family, friends and customers safe within your home or business. The best way to determine whether this service is right for you is to consider the following benefits and features:

  • Disinfect highly trafficked areas
  • Increase efficiency regarding time & ability to cover hard to reach spaces
  • Electrostatic disinfection can treat all viruses & bacteria long after coronavirus is gone
  • Reduces the chances of overusing the disinfectant

Can You Use Electrostatic Spray Outside & Inside?

It is possible to use electrostatic spray for outdoor applications, however, it is more efficient to use this technology inside. Electrostatic technology works best with non-porous surfaces, which tend to be indoor surfaces. Regardless of this point, there are still potential benefits to using this technology to disinfect your building’s signs, door handles, or outdoor seating areas. Despite the fact that electrostatic spray technology is typically meant for common spaces, there are still useful applications in and around the home. As manual cleaning takes time, more products and can be flawed by human error, this technology helps solve some of these innovation needs.

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