Residential Exterior Pressure Washing Maintenance Services & Solutions

The Benefits of a Pressure Washing Maintenance Plan with U.P.C.

  • Never want to have to pressure clean your roof again?
  • Looking for a quick and easy roof cleaning that is plant-safe and gentle on your roof tiles?
  • Wish your roof would always looks as clean as the day of its first pressure washing?
  • Tired of planning and scheduling the next pressure washing for your Miami home?
  • Look no further than Ultra Pressure Cleaning of Miami. We offer extensive, proven maintenance plans to keep your exterior surfaces pristine.

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  • Roof Tile Maintenance Plan
  • Anti-Mold Maintenance Plan featuring our proprietary Soft-Wash protocol:

Our scheduled exterior home maintenance services will reliably and expertly keep your home clean!

"I am proud to say that we have clients that call us back every six months or every year for the last 8 years because they know their patio, driveway or roof will be cleaned professionally, safely and that I will make sure of it.
Many of them after one or two times having our service tell me to simply put them on a schedule and come back when the calendar tells me it's time. What can I say? They can really count on us and trust us with their homes. I am proud of our reputation"
Harry, Owner, U.P.C.

UPC tile roof power washpower wash before and afterroof pressure clean with safety system

Roof Tile Maintenance Plan:

Maintain the clean and bright look of your roof all year ‘round! And never have to pressure clean your roof again!

To keep your roof looking clean and bright we have a regular maintenance plan that allows you to never have to pressure clean your roof again. Our roof tile maintenance plan (every 3-4 months is recommended) is designed to keep your roof looking great, keep it energy efficient and keep the city or H.O.A. from giving you those ‘pesky’ citations. Details about Ultra Pressure Cleaning's proven roof tile maintenance plan are as follows:

  1. After the initial pressure cleaning an anti-mold solution will be applied to your entire roof at 3 or 4 months intervals.
  2. This preparation kills/sterilizes the roof tiles keeping the mold spores and microscopic mold particles from building up and making your roof gradually turn black
  3. Our spray system is safe, low volume and low pressure and therefore has virtually no runoff and will not affect your plants or anything on the ground below
  4. The process is very brief, 20-30 mins for most roofs. Compare that to the many hours of walking on your tiles when pressure cleaning and you can see how it is a much gentler process that, after the initial cleaning, never needs repeating
  5. Your roof will stay clean and fresh looking every month. No need to watch as your roof goes from clean to gradually turning black. We keep track of your schedule and notify you a week before we arrive! All you have to do is to enjoy the results!

Please note; the above maintenance plan requires that your roof initially be cleaned. So, let me review the importance of cleaning your roof in the first place. There are many good reasons to clean your tile roof and, briefly, here are the 3 most important and relevant.

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Reasons to clean the roof at your home and keep it clean:

  1. It keeps your home looking fresh and well kept. Mold (a type of black fungus) and algae not only make the roof look dirty and unkempt but did you know that often times the main cause of a moldy patio, driveway or even your walls are from the runoff of spores when it rains?
  2. Cleaning your roof makes your home more energy efficient. The same principle that makes a black or dark colored car get so hot inside under the midday sun applies to your dirty roof.  It has been estimated that a 2,000sq. ft. house with a mold blackened roof cost the homeowner an extra $300 a year (about $25/month) in additional cost to cool your home.
  3. The city or homeowner’s association says so! And they have the power to fine you, place a lien on your home and even eventually cause the eventual foreclosure if it is allowed to go unaddressed. So you might as well use Ultra Pressure Cleaning since we are licensed, insured and have the experience of having cleaned over 2,000 South Florida roofs in the last 14 years

applying anti mold solutionsafety gear for anti mold spraypressure washing roofs at daybreak

Anti-Mold Maintenance Plan:

This 2-part program addresses tile roofing, wall and ground surfaces, as well as wood decking.

Each tri-mester (every 4 months) we return to your residence and treat/clean your surfaces with our mold preventive protocol. This ‘Soft-Wash’, maintenance plan works to kill the earliest stages of mold/mildew and algae to always keep all of your surfaces looking great! We call this.....

Our ‘Soft-Wash’ protocol

This protocol is designed to keep all of your surfaces clean year round. We spray the below areas with our mold retardant, preventive solution and then using our ‘soft-wash’ technique and then we gently power rinse all treated surfaces. See the steps below where we…

  1. Pre-treat surfaces for mold/mildew & algae where applicable such as driveway, perimeter walls, columns, courtyard(s)
  2. Treat to remove any bug debris, cocoons and cobwebs
  3. Carefully power wash treated areas
  4. Gently pressure clean the concrete patio areas with clear water only to be as landscape friendly as possible!
  5. Gently power rinse all surfaces
  6. Gently spot pressure wash any of above areas to remove any emerging mold & algal growth (where re-growth is starting)
  7. Power rinse all Ipe wood deck areas to keep grime, algae and emerging mold from ‘taking hold’
  8. Then post-treat your areas with a mold preventive chemical (except for rear concrete patio areas and stepping stones)

Note: please keep in mind that this regimen is designed to be a gentle, prophylactic program. Even-so, it also includes the ’spot pressure cleaning’ of any of the below areas where deemed necessary

1st Part; Tile Roof Anti-Mold Maintenance Plan:

Each trimester (every 4 months) we return to your residence and spray the roof down with our mold retardant, preventive solution. This maintenance plan works to kill the earliest stages of mold/mildew and algae growth thereby always keeping your roof bright and mold free!

2nd Part; Wall/Ground Surfaces Maintenance:

Your trimesterly custom ‘Soft-Wash’ program covers these areas at your home:

  • ‘Soft-Wash’ spray treatment and power wash of driveways and courtyards
  • The gentle power rinse of all house walls, glass doors, windows, their frames and sills to remove grime, dust, bug debris and cocoons
  • Any perimeter/privacy walls/wall-tops, columns
  • Clear water pressure cleaning of all rear patio stonework, i.e.; circle, fountain, stepping stones
  • Power rinse of all Ipe surfaces to wash away grime, dirt, dust and pre-emergent algae and mold spores

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