Pressure Washing Your House Before Painting Saves Time and Money

Pressure washing your house before painting is imperative to extend the life of the paint job. We are experts at preparing your home for painting:

"Preparing the surface to be painted is the most important factor in determining how long the paint job will last. A few hundred dollars to get this done professionally only makes sense when you compare it to how much you're spending to do the painting."
Quoted by permission from a leading South Florida painting contractor.

Ultra Pressure Cleaning Paint Preparation

Pressure Washing Before Painting Saves you in the Long Run

The amount of time and money you will spend on a good paint job is well worth the small added expense of power washing your home before painting.

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Why is that?

Paint needs a clean and stable (non-peeling or bubbling) surface on which to bind because without that solid foundation your paint job is likely to fail far too soon. That means dirt, mold, insect debris, road grime and oils and oxidized (chalky) paint needs to come off completely.

This also means you'll want to pressure wash your house to remove old paint and ensure there is a clean and stable surface for the new coat.

The truth is that the vast majority of residential painters simply don't like to do the pressure cleaning but offer it as a convenience or a selling point. Nor do they have the equipment to do the job as thoroughly as it should be done to make your paint job last many years.

Cleaning Paint on Older Miami Homes

Older homes (vintage) also need special care when preparing them for painting, or when just giving them a good cleaning. Eaves, doors and fascia board may be delicate and the stucco and stonework needs that extra TLC during cleaning.

In fact, when you hire Ultra Pressure Cleaning and we remove that grime and mold you may find that painting is actually unnecessary!

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