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Cleaning Tips for Buildings:

Buildings need to be cleaned here in Miami and across South Florida. Ultra Pressure Cleaning is the company you can trust to get the job done right!

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Commercial, Retail, and Industrial Buildings Get:

  1. Dirty with mold and black mildew.
  2. Chemicals found around your building that can damage the pain and concrete.
  3. Road Grime (If you are near the airport, I-95, the Palmetto or any busy road? You're familiar with this.
  4. Aside from a dirty appearance, the mold, mildew, algae, road grime and exhaust soot actually "chew-up" your paint. Want to make your place look better and save money by extending your paint's life? Consider a pressure cleaning service for your building exterior from professionals like UPC !

Figuring Out Who to Use is Easy!

Read our references, look at our photos and you will see why Ultra Pressure Cleaning is your best choice and has the experience needed to professional power wash your office, high rise, or office building exterior. For more information about our commercial building services, give us a call! We are your best choice.

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