Restaurant Pressure Cleaning Services in Miami, FL

Our restaurant pressure cleaning services are well-known throughout South Florida!

"Restaurants want new customers to be repeat customers! You make the food and service great, and we'll do our job and make their first impression a clean and appetizing impression even before they walk in."
Harry, Owner, U.P.C.

Restaurant Pressure Cleaning

Customers want everything about the restaurant they frequent to be clean, inside and out. Getting your restaurant professionally cleaned avoids sending a negative message about your restaurant’s food and services and losing customers before they even walk through the door!

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We clean and sanitize all exterior areas from entrances and drive-thrus to dumpster pads. We use advanced pressure cleaning methods to remove grease and dirt from the walls and floors inside your restaurant as well as the vent hoods and exhaust systems in your kitchens.

We’ve perfected the art of pressure washing restaurant grease from the kitchens of some of Miami’s favorite restaurants.

So, how complicated is this? Not very.

TIP #1 - and only

"Your Restaurant Needs to Be Clean"

Really, how much more has to be said?

We have provided pressure washing services to the following restaurants in the Miami area:

  • Bahama Breeze Restaurant
  • Bonefish Grill Restaurant
  • Flannigans
  • Hooters
  • On The Border Mexican Restaurant
  • Gatsby's
  • Zuma Restaurant on the Miami River
  • Panera Restaurant
  • The Grill On The Alley, Aventura Mall
  • Pei Wei Asian Cuisine, Kendall Drive
  • Moon Thai Restaurant
  • Roadhouse Grill
  • Tap-Tap Haitian Restaurant
  • Latin American Café, Kendall
  • Chuck E. Cheese Restaurant
  • International House Of Pancakes
  • Miami Wings Restaurant
  • And more!

Plus as is the case with our client, Bonefish Grill (and others) we have provided our exterior cleaning services to them every month without missing a single appointment for 5 years.

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