Coronavirus (COVID-19) Virus Disinfection & Cleaning Service

Information About Viruses and Bacteria

Bacteria and viruses can both make people very sick and spread through close contact or exposure to the bodily fluids of someone who is infected and touching contaminated surfaces. Touching contaminated suraces, then touching the face, is an easy way for a virus or bacteria to infect a healthy person as this is a habit people often don’t think about. Ultra Pressure Cleaning’s Virus Disinfection Service aims to rid surfaces of viruses & other harmful organisms to prevent the spread of disease in Florida.
Bacteria & Virus Comparison


4 FAQ’s about Ultra Pressure Cleaning’s disinfection process, who may benefit from ongoing R.O.T. (right on time) service, and Sodium Hypochlorite Solution (SH)


1. Who can benefit from Ultra Pressure Cleaning’s disinfection & mitigation service right now?

Ultra Pressure Cleaning is now serving several essential services such as grocery stores, truck stops, and others in order to disinfect and sanitize their multiple exterior and interior areas.

UPC is already working to keep our community safe & clean day or night!

But many others would benefit from Ultra Pressure Cleaning’s high capacity and our R.O.T. services such as:

  • Hospitals and clinics where exterior high traffic ambulance areas and ER entrances would greatly benefit from recurring regular disinfecting
  • Pharmacies and ‘strip mall centers’
  • The exterior & other applicable areas of senior living and nursing home facilities to protect our communities seniors at high risk for complications from the virus
  • Playgrounds for parks, schools, and homes
  • Foodservice establishments, grocery stores, mini-marts, Bodegas, restaurants that are offering take-out and delivery
  • Fueling centers, gas stations, repair facilities essential retail suppliers
  • Religious centers that want to maintain continuity and a safe and ‘socially distanced’ place of worship
  • Entrances & ATM areas of banks and operating financial institutions
  • Apartment complex & condo communities’ common areas, walkways, hallways, stairs, and all other public heavy use areas
  • Essential home and repair centers such as hardware stores and big box stores

2. What is Ultra Pressure Cleaning’s process for disinfection?

Ultra Pressure Cleaning stocks 55-gallon drums of sodium hypochlorite solution concentrate and dilutes it to the appropriate strength for each client’s needs. Sodium hypochlorite has been shown to be a very powerful disinfectant. Although a number of other disinfectants (calcium hypochlorite, ozone, UV, solar disinfection) and treatment processes (filters, slow sand filtration) have been investigated, sodium hypochlorite appears to offer the most ease of use & effectiveness in varying areas.

Our large commercial trailers have multiple 4 & 5 gallons per minute 12V spray units on each trailer that can deliver disinfecting solutions with precise volume & accuracy over large, medium and small areas.  These are 350gal trailers that also have full commercial pressure cleaning capability.

With the introduction of electrostatic spraying, our team can accurately target disinfection within a home or business efficiently. 

3. Is a sodium hypochlorite (SH) solution good for disinfection?

Sodium hypochlorite (SH) is a powerful disinfectant & is the most frequently used disinfecting agent. It is a broad-spectrum disinfectant that is effective for the disinfection of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and mycobacterium. However, sodium hypochlorite is NOT effective in the disinfection of bacterial spores.

There are two different dilutions of (SH) most commonly used for virus disinfection:

1:10 sodium hypochlorite solution (which contains 1% chlorine concentration), is a strong disinfectant that is used to disinfect

  • Non-porous & semi-porous hard surfaces with a high possibility of COVID-19 exposure
  • Spills of blood/body fluids
  • Vehicles and tires

1:100 sodium hypochlorite solution (which contains 0.05% chlorine concentration) and is used to disinfect:

  • Surfaces other than very porous and damage-prone cloth, carpet, electronics, etc.
  • Medical equipment with isolation from electrical current
  • Various applicable bedding
  • Reusable protective clothing before it is laundered

4. Who can benefit from Ultra Pressure Cleaning’s disinfection service in the near future or even later?

Ultra Pressure Cleaning can help those innumerable businesses and institutions that will hopefully be able to reopen and begin the operation of their business or organizations.

This includes:

  • All of the above in section #1
  • Every restaurant that wants a ‘clean start’
  • Every mall and strip center that has retail
  • Office spaces and complexes
  • Schools and daycares
  • Homeowners who want to ‘refresh’ their homes and make them once again feel safe & sanitized

Ultra Pressure Cleaning Is Here to Help!

Please contact us to join us in our battle to keep your business open, your home safe, and save lives in Florida. We will not let this virus defeat us and our community will come out stronger than ever!

We are Ultra Pressure Cleaning and this is what we do!

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